Avant Stellar project (Amber Alps)

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15 Apr 2019, 07:33

I recently got a black Avant Stellar off eBay because I knew it would be perfect for my Amber Alps project.


More Pics

I had been hunting down enough Amber Alps for a full size keyboard for a while but once I had them I was unsure about what to put them in. Then I saw the Avant Stellar (in full black no less!) and I knew it would be the best home for these switches. I mean it is basically a pristine Northgate OmniKey. It came with simplified White Alps so I did not have an qualms with removing them from this beautiful keyboard.

The original keycaps were a different story though.


Some kind of sticker paper cutout printing. Bleh!. I immediately replaced what I could with Tai Hao ABS Doubleshots but there were some that would not fit in this particular configuration. The right Shift is (was) split with the backslash but I moved the backslash because there was an extra cutout at the top of the Big Ass Enter. There is no stabilizer for that key so I have to work out some way of stabilizing the Tai Hao full size right Shift and mounting it to the slider which is going to be off center.

Still, I am quite happy with the results so far.

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15 Apr 2019, 09:04

Very nice, dude! Black and yellow pairs really nicely.

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