Skaters converter vs xwhatsit for model f.


20 May 2019, 13:32

I've received recently learned that model fs other than the xt can be used with Ether one, but other than using soares converter with my xt and xwhatsit with my beamspring I don't know much about them or which is better for an AT/122 key.


20 May 2019, 16:21

Never heard of skaters converter but I can definitely recommend for the Model F's Soarer's converters for the easy setup and programability of the converter. As for the Xwhatsit controllers I wouldn't know as I have never used them before. But do send me a link for the Skaters converters as I would be very interested in looking into them.



20 May 2019, 20:13

yeah sorry about that, posted about 6AM my time after 0 hours of sleep and before coffee. dang auto correct

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22 May 2019, 05:22

Soarer's and TMK-based converters take the output scancodes (XT: Set 1, AT: Set 2, terminal boards: Set 3) from the original controller and convert them to USB. Xwhatsit and DMA's CommonSense are replacement controllers which scan the keyboard's capacitive pads for keypresses and speak USB "natively".

Note, to avoid possible confusion: Soarer's and TMK also have controller capabilities for contact switches from the likes of Alps, Cherry, etc.

For the F XT: Soarer's Converter or a TMK XT converter can be connected from an Arduino with pins to the controller using jumper wires, or externally with a suitable DIN connector and some wires. Using an Xwhatsit or CommonSense involves cutting the PCB to remove the original controller.

For the F AT and F 122: converters can be used as above, but the controller is on a separate PCB connected to the "sensing" PCB with a ribbon cable, making a replacement controller a much more straightforward operation.

The choice between either approach depends on your preferences, and whether your original controller still works.

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