Need help (anyone with a Focus FK-727 or 747)

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30 Jun 2019, 13:37

Hiya guys, I need some help with a Focus again; this time the 727/747 brothers. I'm preparing for a review in a few weeks time and need additional data to make sense of what I'm seeing! As always, Focus didn't make it easy to retrace their steps. Could anyone with a Focus FK-727 or FK-747 please provide me the following:

-picture of the front
-picture of the back
-picture of the PCB (green back side)
-picture of the REAR of any of the 1 u keycaps
-the type of switches it uses
-the model type of your keyboard and where you got it from (controller, case, sticker, whatever; this bit is very important)
-the manufacturing date and where you got it from (v.s.)

If you have multiple of these, yes, I'm interested in every single one of them. I need as many data points as I can get.

Much obliged guys! ^^

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02 Jul 2019, 11:48

Nobody? Could really use some help here, guys! :D


02 Jul 2019, 12:57

I don't have any Focus keyboards I got mostly IBM's sorry I could not be of much help. I'm sure you'll get some responses soon from people that do. fantastic Keyboard review video's btw keep up the great work!

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