Looking for low-profile keycaps


30 Jun 2019, 20:56

I am thinking about getting the havit low profile mechanical keyboard but I am having trouble finding alternative keycaps. Are there any keycap makers that could make keycaps that fit the havit keyboard?

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30 Jun 2019, 23:22

Why do you want 'low profile'? For portability or reduced key travel or some other reason?


30 Jun 2019, 23:39

The Havit keyboards with Kailh Choc switches? No, there is no good alternative.

I have found only flat keycaps from Kailh for sale separately.
First, I would not call them an improvement, because they are flat and not sculptured. Next, the stabilisers are different, and the sizes of the bottom row is different, so you wouldn't be able to replace many keys. They are double-shot moulded for backlighting, with the bottom skirt being translucent as well ... or 1×1 only opaque, but in a similar shape.
(KPrepublic has a picture of the underside of a stabilised Kailh key. The underside of a stabilised key from a Havit can be seen in this review.)

Apparently, Signature Plastics' has a LP family that fits ... but slightly offset. Because they hit the top of the switch when you bottom out, they are not good enough IMHO.
(Those are apparently used on the PLUM Keyboard, which is an old keyboard with some other type of switches)

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