How would a Leopold be as a basis for switch modding?


16 Aug 2019, 17:46

My month-old Leopold is going to require desoldering. [The spacebar was on so tight that the second time I removed it, I pulled out the Cherry stabilizer peg.]

I figured, why not get the whole thing desoldered. I see there is a guy on Reddit selling modded Leopolds, so why not?

I was going to order a KBD8x mkii with 62 gr Zilents (V2) [aluminum case, brass plate] from the KBDFans extras that are coming, but maybe I could transform the Leopold into a Zilent board.

What do you think would be a better basis for Zilents? I'm only interested in TKL / 104 boards at the moment, so both would work for me.


A downside here is that Leopold's high-quality PCB is going to be somewhat challenging for whoever desolders it.

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