Odd date label on a Focus 727/747


10 Sep 2019, 14:52

I recently acquired a Focus 727/747. The condition is fairly good. What's peculiar however is that the date label reads 19.3.1976!!! Is that even possible?
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I was under impression that the earliest blue Alps were not even made until the early 80s. There are no other date markings on any other components. The back label sticker is no longer present.
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10 Sep 2019, 14:53

The date label here is using the Taiwanese date system, which why it seems so strange. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Republic_ ... a_calendar

It would appear that this is from 1987 going by the table on the wiki page. :) That fits far better.

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10 Sep 2019, 15:56

Think of it this way, the IBM AT is almost ten years away in 76, so theres absolutely no chance of this being made in 76. They just have a different year system, I think the Japanese have one too.

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