IBM Model F XT smoothness.


08 Oct 2019, 02:06

Hi all! I am currently typing on my Model F XT which I recently cleaned. The switches are exceptionally smooth except when i slowly press a key on the corner (off-center) there seems to be a little bit of gripiness going down on most all of they keys, especially the spacebar. I did not separate the back plate, PCB, barrels, etc for cleaning because they appeared so immaculate. There was very little if any dust in the switches that i could see which is why i opted to leave it alone. None of my model Ms have this grippiness (although I did fully disassemble, clean and bolt mod those). Just wanted to see if anyone else experiences this on their cleaned Model Fs before i fully disassemble this one.

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08 Oct 2019, 02:51

I'd suspect dirt along the contact areas. Namely the surface under the caps (which forms the slider) and rubs along the barrels; plus the outer face of those, too. Nothing that you'd need to separate the plates to reach should be responsible for a lack of smoothness.

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