Which Soarer do you like for Model F XT?


02 Nov 2019, 19:35


Hi, I recently went nuts after receiving my first Model F XT and then bought 5 more on an auction. One of them was a totally new internal keyboard unit (no case). Its clearly never been used and is pristine. The foam however needs to be replaced in 5 out of my 6 boards.

I'll keep two and reventually resell the rest.

Two of the Model F XT keyboards have cases that are scratched and cracked. I posted in another discussion on the forum for advice on that issue.

Here, I'd like to ask which Soarer's converter do you like to use with this board? I don't really want to use the coiled cable. Despite being quite cool, it takes up too much room on my desk. What options do I have?

Also, once rebuilt, I'll sell 4 of the restored keyboards - which converters should I package with them? Do most users want to use the original cable? And should I repaint the keyboards I plan to sell? Do collectors/fans only want pristine original units? I'd prefer to take all 5 into an autobody shop and have them done at the same time. But maybe this is not the best option.

I'll look forward to all suggestions!

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02 Nov 2019, 22:42

There is plenty of room inside the case to put a Teensy (or knock-off board) to program with Soarer's firmware. From there you have an ordinary USB cable coming out, which you can get in beige so that it looks more natural.

Some buyers might actually like those horrible old heavy sticky black coiled cables, so you might buy one or more of Orihalcon's sleek cables or build a box to hold a breakout board of your own to supply with those keyboards that you sell with original cables.

Most buyers will prefer a natural original beige case, so I recommend that you just clean up the undamaged ones. The others can be repaired with epoxy and then painted to hide the repair.

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