Restoration 1986 Olivetti ANK 1924 & ask for advice

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04 Nov 2019, 03:05

Soooo... I guess I was lucky as hell. I went to one of those street markets and found this dirty boy. Already cleaned the keycaps, they look amazing, almost no tear nor wear. Also opened the keyboard to see what we got there (as you can see in the photos). I'll keep you updated with the restoration process.
So now comes my problem, there's not a lot of information about this particular model, but the closest thing I found on Deskthority's wiki is this: wiki/Olivetti_Keyboard_1 . Now, someone cut off the cable of my unit... What options do I have? What protocol do this thing support?
And then, how valuable do you think this keyboard is? After restoring it, I may consider selling it. I found nothing on internet.
One of the phontos is all whats left of the original cable. Notice on the PCB, the upper side right there's some contacts. The case has a door you can remove and led to that. I think is to allow to connect other kind of computers but honestly I have no clue. Ideas? Pretty pelase?

As always, thanks for the help guys!
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