Mini Mechanical Keyboard with Magnet - Custom Value and Macro


14 Nov 2019, 07:45

Seeed Studio just released this Mini DIY Mechanical Keyboard with Magnet
This Mini DIY Mechanical Keyboard has two parts: one is a baseboard, the other are key modules. All the key modules can be moved independently on the baseboard. The mainboard can support up to 44 key modules and you can move them everywhere during operating. The baseboard also has a holder to relax your wist. This keyboard is powered and communicates with PC by a USB Type - C interface which is commonly used these days.
I think it is attractive by magnet features and LEDs


14 Nov 2019, 09:18

Can I customize the switch? It says that it uses cherry switch.

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14 Nov 2019, 17:10

Looks like the magnetic bottoms are snap-in. If that's the case, anything with a cherry compatible plate and pinout should work. Plus they got box switches in the example picture.

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15 Nov 2019, 07:05

How is that thing supposed to work? i.e. how does a keypress go from a "module" to the "baseboard" ? How does the baseboard tell modules apart?

Also @iamelaineee: welcome to DT, if you have any ties with the maker of this board it is good practice to disclose this.


15 Nov 2019, 07:47

There is a thread on Geekhack from May-June this year, showing a larger version of this keyboard and a small discussion on how it works.
Apparently, each key-module is active and has a unique ID, and the base-board is for power delivery and for communication.

It needs configuration software to work, which runs only on MS Windows. An early version needed the language set to Chinese even, but it now supports English.

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