How should I clean my Razer Cynosa Chroma


12 Jan 2020, 14:37

Hey, I have had this keyboard for a long time and it has gotten pretty dirty. Since it's not a mechanical keyboard, I can't remove the keycaps, so I don't really know how to clean it. Do any of you have any tips?

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12 Jan 2020, 15:06

Generally speaking, a can of compressed air, a fine/soft toothbrush to use with some diluted alcohol, and a microfibre clothe will do wonders for any computer cleaning project. Start with the former at about half a metre or so to clear any resting dust, then use the toothbrush to reach in between and potentially under keycaps, and finally clean the surface with the cloth.

Given it's a black keyboard with (no offence) the likely cheaper variety of keycaps used, make sure you're being quite gentle whilst doing this. The alcohol solution should do all the work, so there should be no need for vigorous scrubbing! Whilst it shouldn't be an issue, if you're worried about the alcohol discolouring plastic, try applying your solution with a cotton bud (q-tip) to the back of the keyboard to see if any damage occurs in a place that's at least out of sight. I've cleaned the comparable variety of dark-to-black Logitech keyboards I have with diluted isopropyl alcohol before and never had any visible damage so far. YMMV of course, so better be safe than sorry by testing the back of your keyboard first.

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12 Jan 2020, 21:37

You should be able to remove the caps. Razer has done a few slider-over-membrane designs. Try a wire key cap puller and see what happens.

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