Vintage Keyboard Repair/Restore Service


16 Mar 2020, 03:45

Hi all-

I have a vintage M0110 that has a couple of keys not working. Are there any well-known individuals or companies specializing in restoring vintage keyboards? I am not super experienced in desoldering and I'm not going to earn some XP from this one. Thank you!


16 Mar 2020, 05:27

Wouldn’t be too hard for a lot of people here to fix, but the to and from shipping cost really adds up fast unfortunately, likely much more than the cost of the repair itself. How much were you looking to pay total?


16 Mar 2020, 06:43

I am hoping to spend less than $100. I'm in TX so maybe I can save some shipping by finding someone closer. Thanks!

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Gotta start somewhere

16 Mar 2020, 15:06

I could do it if you have a replacement switch :)

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16 Mar 2020, 16:29

Sounds likely an easy enough fix that I could do it for free. I have plenty of parts too so you'd be good there. PMd.

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