Programmable Macropad (or suitable Linux solution) needet.


14 Apr 2020, 12:55

Heya allmighty DT, I come in search of wisdom. And answers.
I need a Macro Solution. The requirements are quite "low":
  • Press a Button, Button will be toggled in a loop with a repeat timer.
    Timer must be configured, not fixed.
    Press Button again, Loop stops.

I use Linux on the respective computer, and have at least one keyboard with QMK available, but I would love to have a seperate hardware - a macro pad. Do you have any ideas?

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14 Apr 2020, 14:13

how comfortable are you with building one? Here is a nice read regarding building macropads using an Arduino (I think a ProMicro is also ok) to get you started

Or, you could try to find this ISO Enter Macropad (uses QMK) on r/mechmarket or GH classifieds or DT Marketplace


14 Apr 2020, 17:44

BDN9 - 3x3 9-key Macropad sounds like what you want,you do need to buy switches and keycaps and then assemble it yourself.

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