Keyboard not working after cleaning. Is there any fix?

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20 Apr 2020, 19:03

TheSmJ wrote:
20 Apr 2020, 15:16
My trusty old Omron B5GS-R101-620 keyboard was in dire need of a deep clean as it had been roughly 15 years since I had last done so. I took it apart as I had in the past, pulled all the keycaps and cleaned them individually, hand washed the plastic outer shell and sprayed the main PCB down with electronics contact cleaner and wiped it down with a soft cloth to get everything looking new. Then I lubricated the metal rails with a tiny dab of silicone grease before reassembling everything. Now it looks like new.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work like new anymore. A lot of the keys are either completely non functional, or only work intermittently. I disassembled the keyboard again and I cannot see anything wrong.

Has anyone else run into this sort of issue with a mechanical keyboard? Is there anything that I could do to bring it back to working order? I would hate to throw it away.
Most likely you damaged switch plates. They are insanely sensitive to dust and heat. (I guess you desolder them?)
If pcb works normal. (you can check by shorting switches pins) you can open every switch and switchplate and bend copper leaf inside. (anoying and long process but effective) or just replace switches. I love those switches but they are pain in the as. :lol:


20 Apr 2020, 19:14

I didn't desolder anything. The only thing that might have got into the switches while cleaning it is the electronics contact cleaner (this stuff) which I used to clean the PCB.

I'll try shorting the pins and see what happens.


20 Apr 2020, 20:56

I fired up the air compressor and blew out the switches. They all seem to be better, but not quite perfect. I get a few double-presses on some of the keys but I'm hoping more time + air will fix them.

Lesson learned - never try to clean out the insides of the switches.


20 Apr 2020, 23:03

Omron switches can be incredibly unreliable so it could be that. Not necessarily anything to to with the cleaning you did.

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