Faulty Olivetti ANK27-102 Keys


15 May 2020, 16:32

So I've very recently received an Olivetti ANK27-102 I bought off ebay and I took a quick look at it and decided it needed cleaning. I didn't necessarily test it at first which was probably a bad idea, but I went to open it up and clean it anyway (with a toothbrush, anti-bac wipes and kitchen cleaner). The insides were filthy but everything else looked intact and I only cleaned around the sockets for the keys to go in. I had disconnected the ribbon connectors from their sockets before removing the PCB from the chassis, so that might be the cause as I later realised that there were tabs that I needed to be pulled up in order to release the ribbons properly, so the force of me pulling them out could have potentially damaged something? They don't look particularly damaged however, I have double checked and they're connected just fine with no major signs of wear or damage.

After reassembling it, I tried it out and the keys weren't typing correctly... They were mostly in all caps and the Shift key was only typing the letter 'Y' in caps as well. The nav cluster doesn't work at all or is constantly registering somehow since it moves up constantly when I open the URL bar. I'm also using a PS/2 to usb converter which hasn't had any faults before. The thing is almost impossible to type a sentence with and I was wondering if there's any fix for this? Or should I just contact the seller?


15 May 2020, 16:57

Update: It did type somewhat normal for a bit, but it was typing two characters at once and the shift key stopped working completely. Also, using it caused Firefox to go into safe mode, every tab opened in a new window and my scroll wheel stopped working. Had to restart my PC.


15 May 2020, 17:26

Update: I rechecked the inside of the keyboard and reconnected the ribbon cables and it seems to work a bit better, but shift won't capitalise u,h, n and j. Could it be the ribbon cables being scratched from me disconnecting them so roughly when I first opened it?


15 May 2020, 22:57

Update: It began to work fine earlier. All keys doing what they should. But now the space bar and a few keys around it have stopped completely. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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