A Modern Contactless MX-style mount switch?

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07 Jun 2020, 01:05

I'm building a hotswap 75% using the ODIBAO id80 in blue with GMK Olivetti caps - not sure why I typed all that, I guess i'm just stoked.

Anyway, as an alternative to lubed linears, I was wondering if there is a modern contactless switch in an MX-style PCB/Plate mount form-factor that can be hot-swapped into my project.

Has anyone heard of such a thing on the horizon or on the market someplace?


07 Jun 2020, 06:29

I don't think so. Hall effect switches have a different mechanism that won't be compatible with your PCB.

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07 Jun 2020, 06:32

Like Gnho stated not really possible, the PCB that the switches would need is unique because of the sensing for hall effect. Therefore, there is no current manufacture that is making what you are looking for.

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07 Jun 2020, 07:09

You need to buy an apex pro, a wooting or an ace pad tech Hall effect board.

But I agree. It would be sick if you could build a custom board with contactless switches.

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07 Jun 2020, 10:20

What about those optical switches I've seen on some retail boards lately?


07 Jun 2020, 10:44

Flaretech, Gateron's optical and Light Strike (what is used in Razer Huntsman) also require the optoelectronic components to be on the circuit board.

Worse, they all have different footprints and electronics. If you made a PCB, you would have to choose one of these to support, whereas Cherry MX's footprint is a de-facto standard with a great many switch types out there.
There is a guy on Geekhack that has tried several times to create a group buy for a 60% PCB with optical switches from Gateron, but not been successful in gathering enough interest.


07 Jun 2020, 12:09

There is the Varmilo EC family, literally an MX clone whose contacts are engineered so they don't. It still requires a different circuit to detect the capacitance. I can't provide a product link, but this switch is available in some of their off-the-peg completes.

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08 Jun 2020, 15:43

The only "contactless" design I can think of that could be made entirely compliant with the MX form factor would be magnetic reed based.

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