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07 Jun 2020, 05:04

Hello everyone I am thinking of selling some of the keyboards from my collection.

I would appreciate it if someone could let me know the value of the these boards.

The boards in question.

1) IBM Model M part number 1390136 fully restored and boltmodded.

2) Dell AT102W unrestored.

3) WYSE WY50 unrestored.

4) IBM Model M SSK with blue sublegends like new condition.

5) IBM Model F XT fully restored with new foam and lightened spacebar, cleaned etc...

6) Cherry MX red keyboard don't remember exact brand at the moment.

7) Cherry G80-3000 cherry MX blue and OG double shot keys.

8) Cyan Omron keyboard AT layout like new condition.

9) NTC 5161 white Alps switches very good condition.

10) NMB RT8255C+ clicky black space invaders fully cleaned.

Any help Thanks.

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07 Jun 2020, 10:24

Sorry man, all worthless. Send 'em here, I'll recycle them for you :D

I'd give you a better answer but I am unsure...


07 Jun 2020, 10:36

@Fkazim, if you want to profit from these then put them on auction on eBay.

If you want to serve the community and give a chance for other DT members to enjoy them, price them at whatever price you initially bought them for and sell over DT Marketplace.


07 Jun 2020, 12:36

Tritian wrote:
07 Jun 2020, 10:24
Sorry man, all worthless. Send 'em here, I'll recycle them for you :D

I'd give you a better answer but I am unsure...
Haha :lol:

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07 Jun 2020, 18:56

1) I think with the extra work put in you're looking at £80 to the right person, possibly more if it's a square silver badge.

2) I'd say about £20 for a Dell AT102W personally, but I see them average around £30 on eBay, ymmv.

3) What are the caps like, are they the thick blue doubleshot kind? If you wanted to be shrewd you could probably pawn off the WYSE "vintage blacks" on Reddit for $1/ea, if they're smooth enough. Reddit silliness aside, WY50 have picked up some popularity recently, maybe due to Chyros's box navies build or because they just look great, so I'm at a bit of a loss for what they'd truly fetch nowadays.

4) £200+

5) £130~

6) Need more details to value this one.

7) What kind of board is it? HQMGB? Is it modern bottom row? I'd say £50~ give or take depending on condition.

8) Since you said AT I am assuming it's a Philips PM 3655 keyboard, the last one of which I saw sold for £29+shipping on here, I'd be interested in buying this board from you myself actually.

9) Not sure what the hype for alps is like at the moment, I'd usually say £70 but if the switches really are in great condition I think someone might give you £90~ for it.

10) £40-50?

Without pictures or more detailed descriptions we can only guestimate so far, but I took a punt at it nonetheless, glws!

p.s. Check your pm's

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