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12 Jun 2020, 18:27

So I just bought a broken Dolch PAC 60 on ebay that should be here on Monday, and I'm planning on fixing it up and using it but I also want to customize it. I absolutely hate the original keycaps and I'll be selling those to my friend, but I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out what keycaps I should buy. I absolutely love the Space Cadet ones except for the price so I'm looking for something around $100 max, SA profile, and that same sort of dark grey as the Space Cadet but instead of the blue I'd like something close to the Dolch turquoise like they have in their logo. This will be my first time buying keycaps and I've done a little googling but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for with a casual search.


12 Jun 2020, 19:30

For that price and sa (and presumably quality caps) you have pretty much Maxkey and Domikey to consider. So i guess start searching for what they have in stock and go from there.


12 Jun 2020, 23:31

Thanks, I did a little more research and found the SA Pulse ones that I think would be perfect. I think my next question is what do an original set of Dolch keycaps go for? And maybe someone would want to do a trade for a set of SA Pulse caps plus the numpad ones?

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14 Jun 2020, 20:01

it depends greatly on the layout of the Dolch caps, for a ANSI ones, probably around 70usd, for other layouts, it will be much harder to guess

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