suggest me a 5 row vintage keyboard for hacking up.


15 Jun 2020, 02:41

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I built a plaid style 5x12 keyboard and I want a retro case for it. I saw a 60% build using the m0116 or m0118 apple case which looked excellent when it was cut down the middle and shortened. There's none on ebay though and i can't buy privately due to paypal. those are pricy anyway due to drop in qmk pcbs. i figure any 5 row case would do, so long as the pcb is flat, and there's 1.5u of room above the top row for the components. i don't want to use a 6 row case. I don't want a wyse AT style case due to the big controller lump on the back.


15 Jun 2020, 05:20

This might help you a bit viewtopic.php?f=2&t=23743


15 Jun 2020, 11:37

lol, i'm the last poster in that thread. that's what i'm going for though. I did find a source of amstrad rubber dome keyboards on ebay that would work but they're 50 euro delivered and bromine yellow to boot.


24 Jun 2020, 15:39

Apple Keyboard II case might have enough room for pcb in the middle part. Requires shortening from both ends, though. How about IBM PCjr?


25 Jun 2020, 00:28

apple keyboard II has the controller lump on the back I don't care for. the pcjr keyb could work, although its rare and pricey. I could just get a 3 euro rubber dome from a local shop and re-use the casing. I'd have to glue plastic in the function key holes but when the next alternative is 60 euro more it's not a bad trade-off.

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25 Jun 2020, 01:04

Wyse WY-50? Pretty good build quality. Got mine for 40 or $50.


25 Jun 2020, 01:24

i'd need a wy-30 to avoid the function row and they have a controller lump. i'm strongly considering getting a jj50 case to have a quality build, though i'll handwire it with a postage board to avoid an annoying vusb bug in the stock pcb.

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