any interest in Redragon stuff?

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19 Jun 2020, 19:54

I've been contacted by , personally I don't see anything particularly interesting but if anyone is curious about their products I can ask for a sample and make a review.


19 Jun 2020, 21:58

Or you can ask them to send the stuff to me and I'll do a review ....


19 Jun 2020, 22:30

They are fairly generic cheap China mechs. Nothing special about them imo


19 Jun 2020, 23:12

Hmm. Most of their keyboards seem to use Outemu's dust-proof MX-clone switches or Outemu's optical switch.
Then there's one with Outemu's lower-profile version of the same MX-clone.

Does any of them have any special characteristics? Otherwise, I think not.

BTW. They have a keyboard named "Magic Wand". Redragon is not the successor to JiZZ, is it? ;)
(Anyway... enough to add Magic Wand to the Wiki, so that more people can laugh about it in the future)


19 Jun 2020, 23:30

From what I've heard they're very solid keyboards for the price,logo is rather ugly though.


20 Jun 2020, 00:28

The Inland OMK-X keyboard sold by Microcenter stores seems to be a rebranded form of the optical switch keyboard known as the Redragon Brahma optical switch keyboard, but the Inland OMK-X keyboard does not have the 5 macro keys on the left side of the keyboard. The Inland OMK-X keyboard has 5 macro keys on the upper left of the keyboard, which the Redragon Brahma keyboard has as well. The Redragon Brahma keyboard has an additional 5 macro keys on the left side of the keyboard. It is nice to have on-the-fly macro recording on both keyboards, but I had requested that Redragon make the default delay between characters during macro playback adjustable so that I could lower the delay. The default delay between characters during macro playback seems to be around 50 milliseconds.

I found the following information of undocumented keystroke combinations on a web site review of the Redragon Brahma keyboard:

"RGB PER-KEY is via MR + one of the "M" buttons. Replaces the FN+[~] combo for better functionality
FN+PrtSc = FACTORY RESET of keyboard MACRO/RGB settings (as with other recent Redragon Keyboards)"

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20 Jun 2020, 23:50

So ... much ... RGB ...

I wouldn't mind hearing a review of their optical switches in comparison tho those in the Bloody. That'd be an about $80 board vs. about $100. I'm not a gamer, though, so I wouldn't buy one.


21 Jun 2020, 01:41

I have the clicky optical blue switch Bloody B975 keyboard and the clicky optical blue switch Inland OMK-X keyboard and less clicky optical brown switch Redragon K586-PRO Brahma Pro keyboard. The Bloody B975 keyboard is advertised as being a waterproof keyboard while the others are not. I have not tested that feature by trying the use the keyboard underwater, but that might be a nice feature in case I drop a drink on the keyboard or use the keyboard outside in the rain. I cannot tell the timing difference between optical switch keyboards and mechanical switch keyboards from simply typing on them. These keyboards all feel as though they require less actuation force than their corresponding Cherry MX switch counterparts. I have modified all of these keyboards by using 2 translucent silicone o-rings on each key stem to dampen the vibration of bottoming out the keys during a key press. The o-rings have the dimensions of 4mm inner diameter x 7mm outer diameter x 1.5 thickness. The Brahma Pro keyboard comes with some spare optical keys, but if the optical switches are as reliable as advertised, then they should not be needed. I'm not sure what the procedure is to replace a key, because it's not obvious from looking at a spare key, and no instructions seem to be available for the replacement procedure. The Bloody B975 keyboard does not have any dedicated macro keys while the Inland OMK-X and Redragon K586-PRO Brahma Pro keyboards have 5 dedicated macro keys, although you can download the Bloody 7 Windows software which allows you to program macros on the standard keys of the Bloody B975 keyboard. The software for the Inland OMK-X and Redragon K586-PRO Brahma PRO allow you to define macros or to remap the keys. The existing versions of the software for these last two keyboards make it very tedious to change the playback delay between keystrokes, because you have to change the delay for every single keystroke. I have no use for the RGB color features on these keyboards. I end up disabling all color cycling effects and using monochrome red illumination. I use the Inland OMK-X keyboard daily and think it is the best value among these keyboards for $66.14 with tax. I got the Inland OMK-X keyboard on sale at Microcenter.

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