I visited Unicomp a couple days ago, typed on their new Mini M, and asked them some community questions. *long*

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26 Jul 2020, 18:07

hellothere wrote:
26 Jul 2020, 17:53
Regarding the pingy, didn't IBM have a Model M that had "greased" springs or something like that to make them more quiet? IIRC, they were called "Quiet Touch" or something like that. And, no, I'm not thinking of the rubber dome models :D.
"Soft Touch". "Quiet Touch" was/is the rubber dome version.

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26 Jul 2020, 21:13

gianni wrote:
26 Jul 2020, 17:16
Obviously, hypersphere :-) you agree because that's what you wrote some time ago :-D I found it by chance. I just made the quote more clear
Va bene! :-)

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