Do the orihalcon Soarers have pull ups?

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15 Sep 2020, 21:52

Coeus wrote:
15 Sep 2020, 21:38
It looks like DB5 and DB6 are being used as outputs here.
Correct, XT protocol keyboards are unidirectional. You cannot speak to the keyboard at all, they are purely outputs only.

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16 Sep 2020, 00:26

Btw, don't worry orihalcon, not asking for a refund or anything like that. In fact I'd be happy to work with you in any way shape or form. I just don't know how to open up the USB shell, and don't want to use an xacto knife, I'm on blood thinners, that could have the potential of ending badly for me, so anything you'd want me to do would have to be external. (I am curious where you get the shells from, I have an idea for a project using the very same controller you're using, and only need a couple wires). (Building a foot controller, and I could totally use something like this to wire up into an old dictaphone pedal, and use the Soaers auxiliary inputs for it).

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