Nokia Data 1051-1007 KBU


14 Sep 2020, 21:34

Found me a Nokia Data 1051-1007 KBU. I think that's the type indication, there's also "KDT 235 01/007 R1A" on the bottom. Can't find much about it online. Seems to have come from a government institution in the Netherlands or Belgium. The keyboard is nice to the touch, but it aint clicky.

Anybody know more about it?
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14 Sep 2020, 23:24


17 Sep 2020, 20:33

Rare switch spotted!
Care to record a typing demo?

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17 Sep 2020, 21:34

@Chyros, come back soon from holidays we want to know more on Nokia keyboards and Finnish accent too. :lol:


19 Sep 2020, 17:13

I recorded a little type session here: (14MB)

This keyboard is for sale. I ship worldwide from the Netherlands, in case you're interested. I'm aiming for anything between €25 and €2,000,000 (hey, one can hope, right?)

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19 Sep 2020, 17:50

Tricky tricky.

Not letting viewers see the side of the keyboard with Enter and Backspace to determine its layout.


19 Sep 2020, 18:36

@fohat Why can't you see the enter and backspace?


19 Sep 2020, 18:43

the switch is well, different to say the least, haven't seen circular mounts since Oki gourd springs.
is it tactile?


19 Sep 2020, 21:02

They are linear switches and pretty bad ones. Quite bad rough/scratchy feel. I have an Ericsson keyboard with same switches.

They do excel in stabilisers. The best stabilised large keys that I have tried. Large keys mount on two switches. One of them usually a dummy switch that has just the mount, but no internal contacts/mechanism. This makes them really, really well stabilised. You can pretty much get those large keys down evenly by pressing any area in any edge or corner. Exception is the space bar that comes with regular type wire stabilisers, but even those are really good wire stabilisers.


20 Sep 2020, 00:00

cool. the dummy switch thing kinda reminds me of the IBM Beamship


20 Sep 2020, 12:18

Yeah, they're linear, not tactile. But these don't feel rough at all. I mean, not the satisfying clickyness of a proper switch but they type quite smoothly.

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