Reudo Rboard Pro for Mac - Alps SKCL Yellow


19 Oct 2020, 06:51

I got an interesting keyboard: Reudo Rboard Pro for Mac

I really love this keyboard:

1. Alps SKCL Yellow switch in a great condition
2. Compact layout
3. Beautiful and thick keycaps
IMG_1919.JPG (2.29 MiB) Viewed 237 times
Please enjoy my typing demo! :)


19 Oct 2020, 10:52

An Alps "compact tenkeyless" layout with color coded JP alphas and 2 thumb keys. With a little remapping (or maybe not, I'm not sure) it'd make a great daily driver.

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24 Nov 2020, 15:21

I saw a very nostalgic keyboard.
The keyboard in this article is Reudo Rboard for Mac, not Pro. It has the same structure as ASKeyboard and Dboard.
In addition to this, there is the Reudo Rboard Pro series, which uses a leaf spring switch made by Fujitsu.

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