Keyboards should include 8-bit computers in them

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25 Dec 2020, 00:14

I do not use any clipboard monitoring app now and I do not care about it personally. I had something in a far past on windows. It implemented something like clipboard with history and a preview.


25 Dec 2020, 02:51

Hey, I remember those!


25 Dec 2020, 12:31

iljitsch wrote:
21 Dec 2020, 22:32
What I would love is a good way for keyboards to send Unicode directly to the computers they connect to rather than just keycodes....
The X Window System (X11) sends key events to applications both a keycode (to identify which physical key was pressed) and a translation, i.e. if the context within the application works with characters, what character should be used. Keyboards could have been made to do the same, i.e. so the translation comes from the keyboard, not the OS.

Another missed opportunity - some keyboards send an ID - I believe the 122 Terminal keyboards do and some of the keyboards used on Unix workstations. PC keyboards never have. As an alternative to the keyboard sending characters (in Unicode now) keyboards could, from the start, have send a code at initialisation that tells the BIOS/OS what layout that keyboard has to save people having to set it up separately within the OS.

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26 Dec 2020, 05:39

I'd love this!

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12 Jan 2021, 21:03

dcopellino wrote:
22 Dec 2020, 16:36
matt3o wrote:
22 Dec 2020, 08:44


The keyboard is just a USB HID, remove it and build your own enclosure with cherrymx or whatever and a screen if you want. Added bonus GPIO..
Yours is a brilliant suggestion. At the same time, It would be nice to insert the raspberry pi 400 into a mechanical keeb of our choice, maybe our most liked one, without being forced to build a new one starting from the scratch. The dimensions of the raspberry pi 400 PCB should be 286mm × 122mm × 23mm. (Ask Chryros for an imperial conversion, LOL) I have already tried to get the measurements of the void space inside an IBM m122 type II, but despite my most optimistic expectations, it seems not to fit. Should I turn my gaze toward chubbier beamsprings?
Some bizarre develops below according to author's post about real keyboards. Forgive them whom don't know what real keyboards are :shock: click here


13 Jan 2021, 10:10

Thanks, I hate it 🤯

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