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23 Dec 2020, 20:22

Hi all,

Hopefully my new mechanical keyboard with hot swappable switches will arrive at some point, and then I plan to make good use of the switch sampler pack that I got along with the keyboard.

Of course when (hot) swapping switches you'll want to know if they work correctly. There are programs and sites that let you do that, but I decided to make my own.

I also added the ability to test key rollover. I'm very interested to hear your feedback, especially from non-Mac users as I currently only have Mac keyboards to try, and I'm also interested to hear about 6+KRO. Old keyboard have surprisingly sucky key rollover...

Also, turns out that when you type fast, you really do need that rollover. I hit 3 keys at the same time fairly easily. Not sure if I would go higher with a better keyboard.

This is the link.

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