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08 Jan 2021, 02:11

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Left to right, polished and waxed split spacebar. Alt key that was cleaned and that's it. Polished but not waxed split spacebar. These are from a Matias Ergo Pro 2. No keycaps were damaged more than they already were, i.e. I already have a bunch of shiny from use keys on this keyboard.

* Polished with a Magic Eraser then with toothpaste and water.
* Waxed with Mother's Carnauba Cleaner Wax. I had an old bottle lying around.

All done by hand. Took around 15 minutes.

A couple folks on r/mk have tried using acetone vapor, which can yield even better results. However, if you use acetone vapor too long, your keys will melt. And "how long" isn't an exact science.



08 Jan 2021, 06:28

Full shine is classy 8-). For a key with a smooth matte texture (no deep texture / acid etched "stippling") a consistent shine looks great. And assuming you don't type with hands coated in sand it'll look that way forever.

If you can get results like that with carnauba wax and a magic eraser, than I don't see acetone vapor being worth the effort.

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