Curtis KB-4200 Morse Keyboard


09 Jan 2021, 07:21

I believe this is a previously undocumented keyboard - the Curtis Electro Devices KB-4200 Morse Keyboard. It is used to type and send morse code - with a lot of additional settings for adjusting the speed, volume, pitch, and weight of the morse code sent. It also has the ability to preload the morse code and send later.

When I bought this, I was unable to find any documentation whatsoever online. I managed to source and purchase the manual for this keyboard, which I can scan and upload if there is any interest, but otherwise I have found almost no documentation at all.

Interestingly - the switches appear to be be some Micro Switch SD variant that come in weird overlapping mounts as you can see.

There is a companion memory device, the Curtis KM-420, which I have as yet been unable to source. When connected, it allows you to store strings of morse code for auto-transmission without retyping. Still have my eye out for one of these if anyone has a lead.

Here is a (very) brief video showing the operation:
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20200930_134156.jpg (1.2 MiB) Viewed 265 times

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09 Jan 2021, 08:45

awesome find


09 Jan 2021, 12:49

The buffer status meter really sets this apart from other Morse code generators. The speed, volume, and pitch push it into synthesizer territory.

Does it output to a BNC connector + an internal speaker?

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