ACK60 3D printed (AEK but compact)


17 Feb 2021, 10:44

Hello there,

8 months ago I was doin some keyboard projects… and stopped them completly. Burn-out of kb things lol.
I just took some time to release one of my project : ACK60% ANSI (AEK… but compact and 3D printed…)
My approach is very DIY. I want to do my maximum to achieve home made. This one was the first to support underglow with a 1mm layer of epoxy resin in the back.


The plate is my best result so far in term of use. it's 7,9 mm thick, and with 100% infill that's rigid and sound proof unlike metal ones. I will probably make an ISO version soon… but's that's a long process for me.

Here are the files :
What's inside the box ?

- A 60% tray mount case designed to be used with Epoxy resin to have underglow on the back.
- A plate for compatible PCB (ALP64 and others AEK compatible PCB).
- A plate designed to handwire.
- A plate designed to use a postage board or Postage mini.
- A Wristrest.
- Multiples varations with splitted parts to suit small 3d printers.


17 Feb 2021, 19:34

Nice work man ! Reminded me of the micro AEKII case on thingiverse but your's is nicer imho
Do you have more pictures of the real case ? And are you planning on printing in another color / painting ? The dark grey rendering looks real good.

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