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30 Mar 2021, 12:59

Does anyone know of what adapter (and what converter software, if necessary) I could use to get this keyboard to work? A quick search for 8-pin to PS2 is not yielding much. Interesting keyboard with a sort of Fujitsu Peerless switch I haven't seen before: different appearance from those on the wiki and very different feel from my Epson Q203 (keycaps incompatible too).
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30 Mar 2021, 13:40

Data General? Just the top hit when I search for the part number. Sounds nice!
As for connectors:

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30 Mar 2021, 14:00

Woops, that was easy! Thanks. I think these are actually Fujitsu Leaf Spring 3rd gen. The feel and sound is very nice.


31 Mar 2021, 02:01

Is this the keyboard for a D411/D461? The key and LED layout seems to match the drawing. If so, the pinout for that 270° DIN-8 would be as listed there. And, based on the signal names given, I am guessing the protocol will be the same as the 6246-A for the D210/D211.

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31 Mar 2021, 03:13

I reckon you might have commented looking for help on my YouTube channel today? Feel free to PM me here if you need any help with conversion.

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31 Mar 2021, 03:24

This ones seems to be the younger brother of the DG 6348-A, which looks very similar and actually is FLS 3rd gen and overall slightly better built. I have seen one which has been converted via hard mod ( ... -keyboard/). Not easy to find documentation on the machines those came with, but afaik (I tried to find some information when I got my board) it was compatible with the D-412 and the D-412+ terminal. Maybe this one was just a cost-cutting replacement model and uses the same protocol?

Couldn't find any specific documents about those two terminals, unfortunately. Maybe someone can help out? I'm also interested in this, since I kinda hesitate to tinker around with the PCB just to make it work.

Edit: On second look, I think it is just a 6348-A. In that case, you're right and the switches are FLS. Board is definitely worth it, built like a tank while still very slim. Nope, I'm stupid.

Also, great job to me not recognizing shallot runs kuritakey. I should go to bed...
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31 Mar 2021, 04:07

Haata has a 118-5237 with Peerless and the PCB says N860-4735. I'm not certain whether it would need to change based on switch type.

I have a 6246-A here (someplace) and have been meaning to have a go at figuring it out.

Based on the user manuals showing both kinds of connectors, I am inclined to believe that all of these use the same protocol, though you never know. Furthermore, the patent describes a capsense mechanism in addition to the identification part. Perhaps an even earlier Key Tronic?


04 Apr 2021, 00:54

I've got the 6246-A converter mostly working. See here. I will now keep an eye out for one with a DIN connector to confirm that it's the same.

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