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25 May 2021, 10:17

Hi all. I have XT model F, most of the keys are very tactile, as they should be, but some keys barely feel tactile at all. They still make a clicking noise, but they almost feel linear when actuated, with a very small and almost unnoticeable bump at the very end. I have tried pulling the springs up a little bit and letting them fall back down, but it did not help. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.
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25 May 2021, 10:51

Try taking the spring out for examination. There's a non-invasive technique known as the "chopstick" method I can vouch for, and a quick search on the forum shows several threads where it and similar techniques comes up, including the new Model F manual:


You can in fact open up the whole insides of your XT without too much bother, and take out the entire flipper for replacement if necessary. It's not nearly as much work on a Model F than a Model M.


25 May 2021, 17:37

I don’t know that there’s a real science to this, but sometimes you just need to keep removing and re-placing the key stem in the barrel until that particular switch works right. I had to do this at least ten times on one of my switches yesterday.

Try tilting the board so the front edge is facing up at your face - this helps align the spring.

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25 May 2021, 21:17

In some cases, the springs may be damaged or not seated on the nub of the flipper correctly. This can definitely cause the issues you're describing. That's if countless reseating of the keycaps doesn't work.

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