Ducky 1087 bad keyboard baadd...

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21 Jul 2011, 02:22

Well, i typed this message at a very low wpm,
as if i type quick it skips some keys like space or any letter,


The qick browon fox jumps overthe big lazy dog, (and this wasnt very fast.)

ow re you iaming fineboya

how are you doing i am doing fine boya.
[edit] never mind i took a new cable and it is fixed...
nvm it its a shitty cable.

well this time it is worse..

when i type it sometimes hang on it like this :
and sometimes it keeps going till i pull out the usb.
After that if you reinsert the usb you would be able to use the keyboard for 5 secs and then stop working, rinse and repeat.
it is fixed now but the problem was the controller+ one usb wire was soldered bad,
the controller was soldered onto nicely but seems the problem was on one solderspot which had brown spots all over it.

well it's fixed for now, btw typing on a keyboard without casing is way betta! and gives off less hollow sound of the keycap hitting the aluminium plate.
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21 Jul 2011, 19:14

One of your better posts.
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21 Jul 2011, 22:37

why did i see this coming :lol:

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02 Aug 2011, 23:22

op updated, i do not recommend duckies any more :/

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03 Aug 2011, 01:05

If I were a chinese cloner, I'd clone the ducky and call it pussy. I can see the ad in front of me:
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04 Aug 2011, 16:41

runeazn wrote:op updated, i do not recommend duckies any more :/
I wonder if ItlnStln's OCN Ducky still works?

Or if it's fucky?


11 Aug 2011, 00:53

[Account and posts deleted on request]

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Wild Duck

11 Aug 2011, 00:56

It has a good brand name?


11 Aug 2011, 00:59

Support Communism?


15 Aug 2011, 13:08

Hi, first post here but I see some familiar names from GH.

I'm typing on a Ducky 1008 and really enjoying it. The thing cost half as much as a comparable name-brand board and works fine for me. It's got media keys and the name brand boards don't. I see that the built quality is second class, and the spacebar was shiny after a month, but who cares? The Cherry Browns are the same Cherry Bwons I'd have had I spent twice as much. What am I missing by not having a Filco? (other than the ping)

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The Solutor

15 Aug 2011, 13:47

dotancohen wrote: What am I missing by not having a Filco? (other than the ping)

The vanishing legends.

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22 Aug 2011, 21:49

meh this it was a controller failure :/
just resoldered the whole thing added more solder here and there and it works :)

maybe i need to open ducky repair service for the suckers that got a faulty Ducky over time from OCN :P

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