[Call for nominees] Best regular keyboard 2011

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Wild Duck

22 Nov 2011, 22:10

Please suggest nominees for the Best regular keyboard or keyboard family in 2011. Only full size keyboards.

Current suggestions (this list is frequently updated):
  • Filco Majestouch 105-key
  • Unicomp Spacesaver
  • Unicomp Customizer
  • Tipro MID Series in any format
  • IBM Model M13 Industrial
  • Ducky 9008
  • Cherry G80-2100
  • Filco Ninja Majestouch-2
  • QPad/Xarmor
  • Datalux
  • Filco Majestouch family
  • Cherry G80-3000
  • WASD V1
  • Noppoo Choc Pro

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22 Nov 2011, 22:42

Filco Majestouch 105-keys

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22 Nov 2011, 22:46

Unicomp Spacesaver/Customizer.

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22 Nov 2011, 22:48

Tipro MID Series in any format


23 Nov 2011, 01:56

[Account and posts deleted on request]

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The Tiproman

23 Nov 2011, 06:51

CeeSA wrote:Tipro MID Series in any format
I second that:
Tipro MID Series in any format

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23 Nov 2011, 09:46

I understand that this is for keyboards from 2011.

I'd say Ducky 9008, though it is more like from 2010.

If it needn't to be a recent one:

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Wild Duck

23 Nov 2011, 12:10

It's ok to name an older keyboard if that was your thing last year.

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24 Nov 2011, 05:02

Filco Ninja Majestouch-2.


24 Nov 2011, 06:01

Since The Solutor doesn't post here anymore and I haven't bought a full size keyboard in years just let me say the QPad/Xarmor!

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24 Nov 2011, 17:18

Unicomp Customizer.


24 Nov 2011, 17:52

people mentioned tipro, but how about datalux?


24 Nov 2011, 23:38

Cherry G80-3000 - it's a classic!


25 Nov 2011, 11:25

Filco Majestouch

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25 Nov 2011, 15:12

Filco Majestouch family


28 Nov 2011, 22:55

I'd nominate either the WASD V1 (because I bought one and love it, it's a real Filco killer, and is or will soon be available with every flavor of Cherry MX switch save for clear) or else the Leopold tenkeyless w/ clear switches (the only "real" keyboard besides Deck available in the US with clear switches.)

You could also make an argument for the Noppoo Choc Pro for implementing NKRO over USB...

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29 Nov 2011, 12:43

Noppoo choc PRO for the funniest advertising ever!
Also great build quality, POM keycaps, NKRO over USB and a great price.


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