[IC]Information about a potential First San Antonio Meetup


05 Dec 2017, 18:05

Hello guys,

I wanted to find out if there would be interest in a possible San Antonio Mechanical Keyboard Meet up, so I created a google survey and so far the response has been amazing! I think meetups are the best way to try before you buy! I tried my first HHKB at a Houston meetup last month and ended up buying one a week later! Provided below is a link to the reddit post with more information. PM me or comment below if you have any questions! https://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyb ... ential_80/

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05 Dec 2017, 19:14

When and where are you planning this? May one bring keebs for sale?


05 Dec 2017, 21:04

Thanks Tyson for initiating this. I’ll be in the area some time in the spring. Hopefully the times will overlap. It’s always good to see new keyboards and old keyboarders. Have you got the location picked out yet?


05 Dec 2017, 21:09

Looks like Geekdom might be our best spot for this event. So far 50+ have completed my survey! And of course there will be a spot for trades and sales. Take the survey, I ask for your preferred time of year you would like to have a meetup. So far a lot have wanted to have one in the winter. It would be too rushed to have one this year so our best bet would be to try and have one in Spring 2018. I would like to try and also plan one for around PAX South in 2019 that way we could try and get gamers from all over the world to join us too!

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