Anyone have a few spare Gateron Yellows lying around I could test?


26 May 2018, 05:28

I bought a GMMK recently with Kalih Box Blacks. I previously used Cherry MX Reds...I felt them too light. Accident presses, bottoming out.

These blacks are seemingly too heavy. Been using the keyboard over two weeks now and I keep getting sore fingers...which happened with reds as well, but over hours, not 15-20 minutes of gaming. Plus I found out these Box switches have less travel and that is why they feel weird to me when pressing shift & space bar.

So I wanna try some Gat Yellows, which people tell me have 5g less force and no increase in force as you press the key. Thinking that might be the sweet spot.

Don't wanna commit to buying off the known websites for selling Gats, as I'd have to pay full price to just ship a small pack of 10 of them, and if I decided I liked them, then I'd need to pay the shipping again.

I figure since most full size packs people buy come with 110 / 120 and full size keyboards only need 104, there might be someone with a handful sitting around and for the cost of postage wouldn't mind helping me check them out.

Just a few so I could try them in the WASD Position / Shift / Spacebar, ect, and get a feel for them before I commit more money to this keyboard. 35$ for these Kalih Box Blacks wasn't cheap for me and I'm sad they're not working out for me.

They need to be Plate-Mounted for me to use, 3-pins. I'd really appreciate it. I think I might go back to Reds if this doesn't work out. The finger strain of blacks, I was hoping I could adjust to them. I'd hate to go back to reds though, given I bought a a whole new Keyboard.


I just realized I could also do an exchange. GMMK gave me 119 Kalih Box Blacks, I only need 104 + a few spares (Just in case), so I could do a swap of 6 of mine for 6 of yours. Since Gat Yellows go a lot cheaper I think it's more than a fair trade.

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30 May 2018, 14:28

i'm sorry i can't help..if you where living in The Netherlands and told me before i would have added $2 to my order for 10pcs from kbdfans.. my tada68 with Kailh pro purples just got in..

if no one has them.. i would recommend ordering them from banggood..
Banggood is not fast but for €3,87 for 10 of them with free shipping i don't think you can do better.. ;) ... rehouse=CN

i tried looking on aliexpress kbdfans has a storefront there but they just add the $5 shipping to the switches totaling $6 or $7 for 10 of them..

even looked on but he doesn't have Yellows.. and on ebay 10 of them cost $7


30 May 2018, 23:04

Thanks for that. I guess I might have to.

I just ordered my keycaps from Aliexpress, took them almost a month. But I see no other options for getting a test set. Just seems very expensive. 10 of them are available for 2$ at other websites, but not free shipping. Hmm...I'll have to consider it.

I live in the US by the way for anyone else who sees this.

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31 May 2018, 21:56

your right it's not the cheapest..
i just payed 0,30 per switch for my Kailh-pro with my tada.. the aliexpress link sels Gateron for 0,45 a switch hmmmm..
Shipping suck..that's how i feel 99% of the times living here in The for this hobby.

i thought you could go to the "TopClack" discord and see if there's someone there that can help?
lot's of folks there from the US..i'm sure someone has a switch he can spare..

Good luck..

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