Worldwide CHERRY Switch Try Numpad!


22 Jan 2013, 17:27

Cherry Switch Try Numpad Round 3!
Managed by : rodtang

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Sign ups starts : 22-01-2013 (dd-mm-yy)
Sign ups ends : When there is enough people

Terms of the Cherry Switch Try Numpad:
1. Be a registered member of DT for over a month.
2. You need to provide your actual full name and home address.
3. Make sure you are aware of the cost of international tracked shipping!
4. Do NOT change/alter/damage/break the item!
5. Take a week (7 days, ±1day) to sample. 9 days are the absolute maximum! If you have trouble, contact the manager.
6. Write a short review about your experiences with the item.
7. ALWAYS ship the item with tracking! If you can't provide tracked shipping, you are not allowed to participate.
After reading the terms you can sign up here:
Sign up here

NOTE : The sinklist manager (me, rodtang) will guide you through the process, I will also tell you what you need to do and what I need from you.

A SurpriseBag will be shipped with the sinklist item. If you like something that's inside, you are allowed to swap it for something equal in value, preferably more, so the total value of the bag increases. The contents of the bag are for the sinklist manager (me) so he can be rewarded for his efforts.

About the item:
A specially crafted numpad with Cherry Blue, Black, Red, Brown, White, Clear, Green, Linear grey and Tactile grey.

Video of the numpad:
Participants ordered by signups:

  • No one. :o

Make sure you know and are able to pay the price of tracked shipping to the world before signing up.
Inner box : 20cm x 15cm
Outer box : ????
Weight : 340 grams
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22 Jan 2013, 17:27



22 Jan 2013, 17:29



25 Jan 2013, 18:08

1. Be a registered member of DT for over a month.

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25 Jan 2013, 23:15

Hey rodtang,
I signed up a couple days ago. Didnt you receive the google form?
Sorry man I confused with the acantophis one!
Edit: I didnt explain well. I didnt filled this form, it was the form in the acantophis post. Sorry.
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25 Jan 2013, 23:22

Only ones in the google form so far are me (I tested the form) and OKScottish.


05 Mar 2013, 19:07

Signup time extended!


05 Apr 2013, 00:52

Time extended once again...


30 Apr 2013, 05:37

I am interested.


12 Sep 2014, 17:30

Is this still going around? What country is it currently in?

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