Worldwide Switch Try Numpad ALPS Round 2


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Worldwide Switch Try Numpad ALPS Round 2
Managed by : domin8r

Subscription starts : 22-01-2013 (dd-mm-yy)
Subscription ends : t.b.a.

If you would like to participate, PM me with subject: "ALPS_RND2" and send your name and full home address. I will manage the process and and make sure everything goes as it should be.

After the subscription period the list will be ordered so shipping costs will be kept to a minimum (so not first come, first served).

Make sure to read these rules first before you apply:
  1. Be a registered member of DT since 2012.
  2. You need to provide your actual full name and home address.
  3. Do NOT change/alter/damage/break the item!
  4. Take a week (7 days, ±1day) to sample. 9 days are the absolute maximum! If you have trouble, contact the manager.
  5. Write a short review about your experiences with the item.
  6. ALWAYS ship the item with tracking! If you can't provide tracked shipping, you are not allowed to participate.
  7. Make sure you are aware of the cost of international tracked shipping!
A SurpriseBag will be shipped with the sinklist item. If you like something that's inside, you are allowed to swap it for something equal in value, preferably more, so the total value of the bag increases. The contents of the bag are for the sinklist manager so he can be rewarded for his efforts.

This is the info on the old try numpad, this will be updated with all new data once it has been built! The new try keypad will also feature the new matias quiet pro switch
Here is a chance to try 7 different alps in a working numpad. It's called the STN-Alps ( Short for Switch Try Numpad - Alps )

An all ALPS functional keypad with 7 different kinds of ALPS keys.

It contains : Alps
Simplified clicky cream
Complicated clicky white
Complicated clicky blue
Complicated tactile black
Complicated tactile cream
Complicated tactile orange
Complicated clicky grey

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