The Cherry Switch Try Gaming PCB's


23 Jun 2012, 16:21

dfxdx wrote:I've contacted Icarium and he is in the fortunate position of having bought a bunch of boards so he does not want the testers. I'm going to try getting hold of the next guy/gal: sil.
Hey that's me! :)

Didn't get a message from dfdx yet, but pro-actively sent him/her my contact details, via PM.


24 Jun 2012, 00:01

I thought I did send a PM...
Anyway, I've got the details. Will send on Monday and confirm.


24 Jun 2012, 14:10

Hi, can you add me to the list please, UK.


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24 Jun 2012, 15:05

welcome! you and Mackem are in. :)


25 Jun 2012, 02:50

Many thanks to CeeSA for doing this, and for Triggaaar who was before me in the chain. Here goes my review:

Background: I bought my first mech last year in November. I had an end of course uni assignment to complete so I thought I would get a decent keyboard to use if I would be spending a serious amount of time on a computer. After reading online reviews and boards, I settled on a G80-3000 with MX blues. Loved it and now using it at work. For home I bought myself a Filco TKL also with MX blues. I write docs and code and I'm not a PC gamer (at the moment!) so my priority was to get something that would give me the most comfortable typing experience.

I'll start with the linear switches first:

1/ MX Black
No bump and no click. I found the springs a little stiff and while I think they might be comfortable to type on, I imagine that it could be tiring after a while. Overall: I liked the feel but too stiff.

2/ MX Red.
Similar to the blacks but lighter. I can definitely imagine using these for gaming and I think they they would also be comfortable for typing. Overall: I liked them and will be looking for these in my next Cherry MX board.

3/ Ghetto Red (Black linear switches but using the spring from an MX Blue)
Similar to the MX Red but lighter. Overall: My favourite linear. Loved them but since they are not a factory standard, would involve modding which I may not have time/assets for.

Tactile switches

4/ MX Clears
Silent but with a 'bump' as you press the key down. I found them quite stiff and they need quite a bit of force to use which will definitely be tiring. Also, the bump is pronounced but seems to activate over a wide range of the key press. I do not like it and feels like a couple of rubberdomes and my Thinkpad keyboard. Overall: too stiff and the tactile bump is too indistinct.

5/ MX Ergo Clears
Lighter than the Clears and the tactile bump is more distinct. Suffers from the same problems as the Clears. Overall: copy and paste as above: too stiff and too similar to a rubberdome.

6/ MX Browns
Lighter than the Clears and the tactile bump is very soft. I could not imagine them for gaming and typing would be hard too. Again similar to the Clears and I'm not a fan. Overall: Not great.

Clicky switches
7/ MX Blues
Light switches with a tactile bump and audible click. I've not tried them for gaming but I reckon they would be pretty good. The bump is very crisp and the actuation point for it occurs over a very short distance of the key press. Springs are light enough to avoid fatigue. The audible click is probably the biggest factor for these. I guess some people would/do not like it. IMHO, not too loud and a nice sound. Overall these are my favourite and are great for long typing sessions.

8/ MX Greens
Just like the Blues but a much stiffer spring - see above for the details. Overall: Too stiff to be comfortable for typing or gaming.

Summary: MX Blues are my favourite and just perfect for typing. Lovely crisp feel and comforting audible click. Second place goes to the Reds. Light, linear feel which would be great for gaming and typing.


25 Jun 2012, 11:30

On their way to Sil in DE via recorded post - will need a sig on collection. PCBs sent 25/06/2012.
Thanks again to CeeSA for doing this.

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25 Jun 2012, 12:07

thank you for your review and your exemplary behavior for statusupdates.


25 Jun 2012, 14:09

dfxdx wrote:On their way to Sil in DE via recorded post - will need a sig on collection. PCBs sent 25/06/2012.
Thanks for sending them my way, and thanks for your review, I'm definitely interested in the reviews.

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29 Jun 2012, 22:27

Would it be possible to add me to the Europe list?

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29 Jun 2012, 23:09

yes, shure. Tripple play in UK ;)


30 Jun 2012, 16:33

Thanks to CeeSA for doing this, and to dfdx who sent me the switches.

I'm looking for a coding keyboard, since I game on an XBox360 controller.

Apparently there used to be a list describing which switch is on which keyboard, but it wasn't in the bag when I received them, so I may have misidentified some switches.

Starting with the switch least liked by me:

Clears Rubberdome-like feel, no need to get them on a mechanical keyboard, in my opinion.
Original black Linear and too heavy.
Red Linear, and lighter, probably the best gaming switch for mechanical keyboard.
Ghetto red Even lighter and even better for gaming, but custom.
Brown Tactile, but mushy response.
Green Very nice tactile response, not as loud as feared. Might be a good compromise to prevent bottoming out on the blues, due to its heavier spring, but custom.
Blue Like the green switch, very nice tactile response, super light, not as loud as feared. Will definitely get a board with them.

Again, thanks for the try bag, I would have probably got a brown board, fearing the noise of the blues, but they aren't as nice to type on.

PCB's received 29/06/2012
PCB's sent 02/07/2012

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14 Jul 2012, 09:08

no update for 11 days, it's a shame for a inner germany shipping :( what's up circlepit?
I am really pissed of those longruns.
We should think about a Blacklist for all Items in this Forum.

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14 Jul 2012, 20:48

It's at circlepit ( Like the version 2 STB ).

Only the guy is on holiday.....

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15 Jul 2012, 10:15

i wonder always why no participant ask for status updates or why it last so long....

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15 Jul 2012, 10:40

Btw, as I participate in Mrinterface's try numpad you can cross me out.
I only was interested in the clears and his numpad has those.


19 Jul 2012, 10:52

I'm going to be away the whole August so if the list gets to me, send me a message but don't wait more than a day if I don't reply, just skip me.

I would love to try it in September if I can just drop down some places in the list ;)

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19 Jul 2012, 14:45

thx for info. List updated.
Btw: Circlepit answered my email (2 days ago) that he did not received anything yet...

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19 Jul 2012, 15:38

CeeSA wrote: Btw: Circlepit answered my email (2 days ago) that he did not received anything yet...
Uhoh.... That was a shipment within Germany. Any tracking on that one?


22 Jul 2012, 21:03

Mrinterface wrote:
CeeSA wrote: Btw: Circlepit answered my email (2 days ago) that he did not received anything yet...
Uhoh.... That was a shipment within Germany. Any tracking on that one?
Uhoh, indeed. I sent it via Hermes (a bit slower than DHL, but with tracking): ... &plz=89077

According to the tracking it was delivered on 05.07.2012 at 14:13:25. Maybe a neighbour signed for it? I hope it didn't get lost.

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23 Jul 2012, 19:26

plz give this info via EMAIL to circlrepit, thx


23 Jul 2012, 19:44

CeeSA wrote:plz give this info via EMAIL to circlrepit, thx
I gave him the link to the tracking page, when I sent the package three weeks ago, but I've now PMed and emailed him too.


05 Aug 2012, 21:00

Guess he wanted to keep them for himself.


24 Aug 2012, 00:24

So that's it then?

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24 Aug 2012, 01:35

Nah... This story will have a little tail. I expect things to change in the coming weeks.

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24 Aug 2012, 07:05

Too lazy to check all of these pages, but I think I may have already asked to sign up, if not please sign em up for the worldwide round.


27 Aug 2012, 16:27

Long story short: circlepit chewed the second tryboard (first one is switch try numpad 2).

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31 Aug 2012, 16:14

Absolutely great news! Tyrox ( from DT ) went past Circlepits house and collected both the STNv2 and the switch try gaming PCBs(!)
He will send it soon to the next one in line.

Thanx a LOT Tyrox! Absolutely superb!


31 Aug 2012, 16:57

Wow, this is great! Very nice, Tyrox! Thank you!

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31 Aug 2012, 17:22

Thank you very much Tyrox.

I would like to know the exact words in the conversation.
Tyrox: "Your ugly son of a bitch, give me the STB things"
circlepit: "Oh sorry, you are right."


31 Aug 2012, 18:14

Yes, I would also like to hear the story.

Tyrox, please, please, tell us the story :)

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