Impossible? Light mouse with hyperscroll for left hand…


11 May 2024, 18:53

maybe someone has a good tip concerning my search for the perfect mouse for me.
It has to be light, suited for left handed use and with hyperscrolling.

I already have the SIGNATURE M650 L Left from Logitech. It has not the real hyperscroll but good enough. The shape is also vers good, but it is very heavy, 115g.
Also I have the Razer Pro Click Mini. It has hyperscroll, is not that heavy but too small, so it is not comfortable to use all day.

Any suggestions?


18 May 2024, 00:33

I'm still not entirely sure how "hyperscroll" is supposed to work, but I found this Reddit thread that might have some useful information: ... aker_with/


18 May 2024, 21:22

Hyperscroll is when the scroll wheel does not stop by itself. This way you can scroll to the top or end of a document very fast.


18 May 2024, 21:53

I think "Hyperscroll" could be a trademark belonging to Logitech. It may be better to say "free-spinning wheel".

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