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16 Jun 2024, 20:57

I haven't posted this yet.

Not sure how old it is but even almost a quarter century ago I wanted to use it for fun as something vintage and exotic - that's why the original 25pin connector was changed to 9pin one because RS232 had replaced the 25pin version in early 2000's PCs.
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18 Jun 2024, 11:10

This was actually the first mouse I ever had. This would have been about 1989. The only difference was that mine had lighter grey mouse buttons and a matching lighter grey cover for the mouse ball. Mine also had the original 25-pin serial connector as it was used on an XT PC at the time (the first computer I ever owned).

I remember that it came in a fairly large plastic box (also grey) which folded open on one side. The mouse worked pretty well but because the rollers that made contact with the mouse ball were made of metal, it picked up dirt like crazy. This was before mice came with nylon rollers which were harder for dirt to cling to. I don't know how many times I ended up removing that mouse ball cover to clean the rollers inside.

That was also the cause of its eventual demise - the rollers eventually got rusty which meant that the moving the mouse was now a rough, uneven experience and it had to go.

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22 Jun 2024, 22:32

Thanks for the date. Yep, this was originally 25-pin as well (see the description).

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