Belkin n52te

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17 Jul 2015, 14:49

Has anyone here used one of these? I found one at the recycler, and it works perfectly on Windows 7 after I downloaded the software from the Belkin website. I am not a gamer, but it intrigues me!


17 Jul 2015, 14:51

I have one

They ain't bad as domes go but i no longer use it.

is it the belkin one or the razer branded one ?


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17 Jul 2015, 18:29

This one says Belkin, but the software is Razer.


17 Jul 2015, 18:52

same one as mine then, if only it was a mechanical

i have seen someone mod one but i cannot be bothered doing that :)

as domes go its not that bad however , i am sure someone will take it off you if its in good condition

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18 Jul 2015, 10:49

I also have one that im going to convert mechanicaln when i have time for that. It also works on win 8 but need little tricks to get it work. Mine is also belkin branded.

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27 Jul 2015, 14:30

I used to have a Razer-branded one, which I think is essentially identical. I didn't like the domes at all, very mushy. Great otherwise though, most comfortable long-session gaming device I've ever used as it fit my hand perfectly. Thought about picking up the mechanical version a few times but it's super expensive.


27 Jul 2015, 14:53

I dunno if there where different revisions but i did not mid the domes that much in it . They did have a very soft bottom out yes but they where smooth and nice and tactile

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