Recommend me a reliable gaming mouse


31 Jul 2015, 22:13

Hello guys, I am looking for a new mouse. I used to have a naga which started to double click on single clicks around a year after I got it and now my Zowie EC1 evo started doing that aswell. Could you recommend me a mouse which will last me at least a few years? Extra buttons are a plus but I don't really need them.

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Chasing the Dream

31 Jul 2015, 22:53

I own a Logitech Performance Mouse MX, I bought it last year because one of my friends use the same mouse daily at work for years. He construct with it the whole day machines on the pc so I thought it was a good choice. He had never problems with the mouse also the time I own the same mouse everything is ok. I had also the mouse because I have big hands and so I need a big mouse, I can't work/play with these little mouses without pain in my fingers :)
The mouse have programmable butons but the standard profile is me enough. The scrollwheel have a special modus without a clicky raster (without the clicking current scrolling) so it is easy to scroll long text. I play games with it, the most sandbox/openworld games or egoshooters, it works really good. Also the mouse don't have any flashy lights. If I would buy a new mouse I would buy it again or a other model from the same serie.


31 Jul 2015, 23:04

I am planning on using it mainly for gaming and this one seems to be pretty expensive but I would deffinitely consider it!


01 Aug 2015, 11:31

Just learn to replace the microswitches, if you can't do it yet.

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01 Aug 2015, 11:54

Steelseries Sensei is a great mouse at a steep price. If that does not bother you check the Sensei out. I also use a RAZR deathadder which I have never had a problem with. Their software is well bloated shit but the mouse itself is good.
I have heard very mixed experiences about zowie mice. I have never owned one though.


01 Aug 2015, 12:06 ... ge_o08_s00

Never had a problem with it works very well and the sensor is amazing, I have the performance MX too and the sensor is crap , the mouse itself is lovely and very comfortable and well made , but the sensor is crap very poor.


01 Aug 2015, 20:58

My favorite mouse is the Logitech MX310. They don't make them anymore, so when the clicks started feeling "off" I decided to open my two oldest ones up and check them out.

The buttons have two primary components: a big piece of plastic that your finger rests on (the "button" exposed on the outside of the mouse), and the microswitch underneath it. When you press on the big plastic piece, it bends slightly, pushing against the microswitch. In my case, in the MX310, I had used them for so long that I had worn grooves into the plastic. The switches were not the problem. The plastic was indented, causing a weird "squishy" feeling when I clicked the mouse button because the little microswitch bump fit almost perfectly into the groove.

I filed down the worn plastic to make it flat and then glued in a new piece of plastic as a shim to bring it back to the same height.

So, TL;DR -- open it up and check it out. There are a few different things that can go wrong, including a bad switch. You can even open up those microswitches and bend the fatigued metal spring if that's the problem. It's kind of tricky, though, there's some small parts in there.

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01 Aug 2015, 21:03

The roccat savu might me something for you:


04 Aug 2015, 13:48

I went ahead and replaced the switches on the mouse. Found a cheap Gigabyte mouse lying around in the garage and soldered its switches onto the zowie. They also happened to be huano but seems like they are a bit stiffer.


07 Aug 2015, 21:20

I use a Corsair Vengeance M95 gaming mouse and it has been rock solid. It has a gaming grade blue laser and a stainless steel frame that gives it a much more solid and reliable construction than most plastic mice. It is corded and performs extremely well. The OMRON pushbuttons are also replaceable although it will take many years for those to wear out.


07 Aug 2015, 21:23

Sounds like astroturfing.


07 Aug 2015, 21:30

Sorry the frame is aluminum. Switch rating is 20 million keystrokes.

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07 Aug 2015, 21:32

I have my deathadder 1800dpi for ages (more than 5 years) and I wont trade it for nothing. btw, I do hate razer on 99% of their products lol


07 Aug 2015, 21:58

rhemus wrote: Sorry the frame is aluminum. Switch rating is 20 million keystrokes.
I'll burst your bubble. Only primary two buttons use 20M omrons. The remaining microswitches are Zhij-branded cheapos.


05 Oct 2015, 15:35

I recommend this mouse or this mouse

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