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28 Oct 2015, 17:19

So, i'm pretty idiotic when it comes to stuff like this.

I'm currently using a mouse with a horrible rubber cable, and want to replace it with a braided cable, for the better aesthetics, and simply because it is more fluid when moving it.

I have a few questions that I would be grateful if anyone can answer.

The mouse is a Razer Krait 4g
Here is the stock cable layout(unsheathed)
Here is how it connects in to the mouse. As you can see the connector from left to right is Black-Black-Green-White-Red.
Here is the cable I originally was wanting to use.
it is from a 'Mionix Avior 7000' that I no longer use. There's nothing wrong with it, I simply don't like the shape. So I removed this cable, trimming down the rubber to ensure it actually fits inside the mouse. However upon plugging it in to the mouse, it did not register at all. I removed it, plugging the cable back in to the Avior, and it works just fine, so I took a closer look at the connector, and noticed it is Black-Black-White-Green-Red(white and green leads are flipped from the razer mouse).

I scrambled to find another braided cable(had a spare Razer Taipan), and checked this one. It's nowhere near the same quality as the Mionix, and is just as stiff as the original rubber cable, however, upon plugging this one in to my mouse, it did work, and if you'll notice, the leads are the same as the original cable(Black-Black-Green-White-Red).

So i guess, my question is:
Theoretically, would it be possible to simply switch the White/Green wires on the second cable, so they match the layout that both of the razer cables use, and have it work? or would I just be potentially destroying an otherwise working cable.

If not, would I be better off sheathing the original cable myself with some sort of paracord?


12 Jan 2016, 19:08

Assuming both cables are using the same color coding, reversing green and white should work. If you want to test it ahead of time, get a meter and check continuity from connector to the contacts on the USB end.


14 Jan 2016, 16:54

Totally forgot I posted this here, cheers for the reply, I just swapped out the green/white wire in the end and it works perfectly :)

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