Changing MX11900 touchpad settings?

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29 Nov 2015, 23:34

I recently got a G80-11915LUMUS-2 (from the CherryUK sale) and today I started using it at a second PC I have.
But I need to adjust the touchpad's sensitivity, as I'm also using a mouse. If I adjust the pointer speed where I feel the mouse OK, the touchpad is too slow (3.5 swipes edge to edge).
The mouse used doesn't have adjustable DPI, and I'd like to use L-Trac with it as well (it works fine with the correct mouse setting).
I'm on XP on the mini-PC and I'd like to keep it that way!
Any ideas?


18 Dec 2015, 23:46

I have had this same problem before (with the MX11800, mind). Linux offers per-mouse settings out of the box but Windows is more stubborn in its global approach. Most drivers makers of touchpads simply add another settings control so that you can set the sensitivity seperately but I guess there is no specific driver for the Cherry keyboard.

I had once heard of some utilities which would allow configuring something similar though, a quick Google search found EitherMouse which I seem to have encountered before.

There's also a SuperUser page with your question, maybe you have seen it by now: ... -windows-7

Still, might be useful to spread this links for posterity, other people might also work with different mice.

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19 Dec 2015, 01:18

Thank you!
I'll try them tomorrow and report back!

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