Problem with Roccat Kone and Kensington SlimBlade

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24 Feb 2016, 13:04


Im still facing a problem with my Roccat Kone and Kensington SlimBlade (permanently plugged in).
When I start the system the scrolling speed is Decreased (around 200% less fast)
I can fix this only if I go to Roccat Talk (the driver/configuration software from them) and "refresh" the settings.

Any Ideas onto this!?


05 Mar 2016, 21:23

Probably drivers conflicting. Try to change the startup order of the mouse divers and see if it makes a difference.

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06 Mar 2016, 14:14

In which menu/where?


06 Mar 2016, 16:21

Hmm, I thought it could be done in the start up menu, but apparently not.
You could try to remove the mouse softwares from the start up and replace with a batch file, not uninstall, just remove the shortcut from the start up folder, in Windows.
Then put a batch file in the folder; Open a new text document, and write:

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Start "" "C:\... *full path to first driver* ...exe"
Start "" "C:\... *full path to second driver* ...exe"
Then save it as 'mouse drivers.bat' and put it in the start up folder.

This may or may not work, but it sounds like first the roccat software launches and sets the scroll speed, then the kensington software launches and replaces the values set by roccat.
Try putting first the path to kengsinton software and second the roccat.

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