Thoughts on elecom huge?

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Gotta start somewhere

16 Oct 2017, 05:39

Elecom HUGE 1.jpg
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Been eyeing this for awhile. Anyone here on DT have one? Currently using a slimblade and my wrist hurts sometimes while using it. Seeing as this trackball requires you to rest your wrist on the unit, I was wondering if it might be more comfortable.

Here is amazon link: ... lecom+huge

It has great reviews, but I am still weary about buying since I have small hands.

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16 Oct 2017, 11:27

Elecom use their own software to enable you to use the extra buttons on the trackball.
The biggest issue is that this software is slow, clunky and will not allow you to remap buttons in games: ... softwares/

Also, a few days ago I read on a forum (I cannot remember where) that you cannot press more than 1 button at a time on it.

Also, the thing looks like it is almost flat, so I do not know what kind of a difference will it make for your wrist:

Here are some images next to other trackballs:

E.G. next to the slimblade:


If Elecom would stop being so stubbornly japanese (just like Topre) and allow their customer to use their products at full capability, then the Huge would actually be awesome, especially set on an angled base:


But, You can also give the Logitech MX Ergo a look, especially since it is smaller and may fit better with your hands: ... op?ie=UTF8


It has a tilting mechanism that allows you to change the side angle of your wrist to be more comfortable:


02 Feb 2018, 06:06

I got one of these on Amazon about two weeks ago and have been *trying* to love it in daily use at the office. It has a noticeably higher quality feel than the smaller Elecom trackballs, the trackball action is smoother and the switches are more tactile. And I like the placement of the macro buttons better, and on Linux they all send unique button codes that can be bound to whatever-- unlike the smaller Elecoms, where some of the buttons seem to require elecom's goofy software.

But I just can't get comfortable. Even with the wrist rest, my wrist is at a really sharp angle with the bigger ball, and I feel overpronated too. I thought I'd get used to it, but after pushing though it for a few full days of office work it's noticeably less comfortable than a standard mouse or the smaller Elecoms. As derzemel mentions, an angled base does help with the probation issue a bit.

autoload -Uz

20 May 2018, 23:29

The ball and case shape are perfect for me. But the scroll wheel is too far back and the left click button is too far down. It's just like the Ergodox, it's only ergonomic for people with big hands.

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06 Jun 2018, 01:21

I have one but my hands are too small for it, thinking of giving it to charity shop.

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07 Jul 2018, 01:36

ag36 wrote: I have one but my hands are too small for it, thinking of giving it to charity shop.
Sell it on Ebay!

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07 Jul 2018, 19:58

Tha_Pig wrote:
ag36 wrote: I have one but my hands are too small for it, thinking of giving it to charity shop.
Sell it on Ebay!
Thats not very wholesome :P


11 Jul 2018, 08:02

My friend has the Logitech MX Ergo, he recommended it to me as well :P Must be worthy enough haha.


20 Aug 2018, 15:18

I have an Elecom Huge which I mounted on an angled holder I built using Lego. The trackball is great, but I can't figure out what sort of hand shape or posture would let you get comfortable with the grip if it rested on a table. The wrist rest is nicely padded but I find that it's simply too long (if I angle the thing inwards) or too flat (if I try to keep it flat or just angled to the side). YMMV.

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25 Nov 2018, 22:08

I had a chance to briefly try Elecom Huge after a colleague bought one. I had to contort my hand quite a bit due to both the overall shape of the device and also the location of the ball. I imagine it would be more comfortable if used on an angled stand, but it's definitely not a very ergonomic device for me personally in its stock form.

P. S. I'm 193cm tall and have very large hands.

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02 Dec 2018, 00:44

I picked one up to use as a wireless trackball occasionally on my Media PC. I first tried the DEFT, but my fingers were far too high on the ball when holding normally, that they were bending uncomfortably for normal use.

My hand actually fits the HUGE quiet well, so that part is good. I do have some minor complaints though:
  • The wrist-pad is quite thick, and raises my hand/arm up more than I'd like. My right sholder has issues (hence being a trackball user), so extra elevation is not appreciated.
  • The thumb-operated scroll wheel requires quite a lot of thumb/hand motion to use
  • I don't really like the right mouse button position. I would have swapped it with the "Fn3" button
  • There is a small but non-zero start/stop "stick", at least with my model. It's far FAR better than what I saw with the DEFT, but not as good as the Marble Mouse or L-Trac for fine motion.
So, it works well for my purchased use case, but isn't going to become my daily driver.

Here are two photos with a ruler of my hand and the trackball to give you an idea of sizing:

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