Drag and drop automation triggered by your existing hardware.


20 May 2018, 21:29

Hey, first post here so apologies if I've got any etiquette wrong.

Over the last couple of years I've been experimenting with ways to automate repetitive computer actions quickly and easily. This has lead me to creating a drag-and-drop interface where you can create automation. It looks like this:


There are loads of different drag and drop boxes for things like typing or pasting text, opening files and folders, moving and clicking the mouse, and sending keystrokes. You can combine these commands in any way you like to create macros/automation.

The other cool thing is that it's designed to basically give new 'brains' to the hardware you already have so it's quite flexible - you can trigger my software in any of the following three ways:

1) With a numpad (either a USB one or one built into your keyboard)
2) With keyboard shortcuts (if you don't have a numpad)
3) With your existing macropad/shortcut keypad

So I've just finished beta testing this software and am looking to give the first 125 copies out (for free) to build a user base and to get feedback. At the minute it's only for Windows, and I'm well aware that there are many scripting languages etc. out there which have similar or better capabilities. This is more to see whether it can be quick and easy as well as being powerful.

If you think this sounds cool you're welcome to download a free trial and then once that has expired I'll send you a license which will unlock it.

It's called Numpad Superpowers and the idea is that it will eliminate tedious and repetitive tasks by giving you computer-automating superpowers. Website is here: https://numpadsuperpowers.com/

Let me know your thoughts!


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