The "computer" mouse

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22 Jan 2019, 09:47

Well... let's at least praise the effort


22 Jan 2019, 10:25

They didn't even clean up the 3D prints afterwards.

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22 Jan 2019, 17:19

First reaction - clicked on it, and then: wow, I want ... oh.... I don't want it, but it looks interesting.
By the way, unlubed hands...

A practical one would be a wearable computer with goggle-screen display, paired with BT input devices, such as keyboard and mouse. BT may cook the brain, so it's better to have the BT antenna and the battery extended onto the shoulder. The point of wearable computing is to deploy the device on the go, so stationery input methods such as keyboard and mouse are actually inferior in this context, on the other hand, voice control and eye-tracking control will be more suitable. Of course, sitting down in a café while wearing a Google-glass-like device, and then typing away one's text responses on a BT mechanical keyboard will be super cool.

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