Trackball anyone?


04 Mar 2011, 13:39


I'm thinking about trying to use a trackball. More precisely Kensington Expert Mouse. Is it any good?
How long does it take to get use to it (never used one before), which model do you recommend?

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Gasbag Guru

04 Mar 2011, 13:42

I am also looking at the exact same model. Have been thinking about purchasing one for so long now, but I'm still not sure if I can get used to it or not.

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Wild Duck

04 Mar 2011, 13:44

I like the Kensingtons. Very smooth, big ball, it's a lot of fun just playing with it with your fingers. I'd advise the Kensington SlimBlade, which is the newer version of the Expert Mouse. My only reservation about them is that the ball is so big, you'll find yourself moving your hand just as much as with an ordinary mouse. Has problems with linux, not all buttons can be changed.

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04 Mar 2011, 13:58

Ah the Kensington trackball slimblade look nice. Image
I'm searching for a trackball too. But I need to read some informations about that.

Too bad if the Slimblade has problems with Linux... I only use Linux :(

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Wild Duck

04 Mar 2011, 13:59

It was in the original reviews, no driver for Linux so you have to stick with the button defaults. Maybe the situation changed since then.

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Buckler Of Springs

04 Mar 2011, 14:39

This is one of the reasons I prefer the CST stuff over the Kensington Trackballs - you don't need any software to make use of all the advertised functionality. Your not safe even if you use Windows or OS X given that Kensington is rather slow to update their software to work on newer operating systems.

I hear that you need software to use that scrolling-ball thingy that the Slimblade has.


04 Mar 2011, 15:18

that's what I heard too. Anyway, I don't know precisely why but I'm not attracted by the way the slimblade scrolls (and I don't have any use for special media mode and such). I prefer the scroll ring of the expert mouse (even if it makes a nasty noise :p).
What about logitech models, they get pretty good comments.

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Wild Duck

04 Mar 2011, 15:20

I like the noise of the scroll ring. Makes me feel like I'm grinding coffee.

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04 Mar 2011, 17:31

i like real mechanical ball bearings, total smooth scroll cylinder.. selectable dpi resolution, in a word i use an CST too ;)

Count Troller

04 Mar 2011, 23:12

daedalus wrote:I hear that you need software to use that scrolling-ball thingy that the Slimblade has.
Don't think so, but I am using it on Linux only.
Loving the scroll and the sound.

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Daniel Beaver

05 Mar 2011, 03:05

My expert mouse works just fine on Debian. For older distros, workarounds exist.


05 Mar 2011, 08:28

Ok I just ordered an expert mouse on amazon! Now I'm impatient! ;)

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06 Mar 2011, 02:49

i just got the slimblade and its very nice! I really like it and the newest software version works very well in windows 7, i know that in the past there were alot of complaints but they seem to have worked everything out.


06 Mar 2011, 05:18

Good ol' trackball. I haven't used one in like a decade though.


06 Mar 2011, 06:35

I use the good old logitech marble mouse as a secondary mouse. I love the way my hand fits on it

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13 Mar 2011, 18:09

I use a slimblade at work. Not bad, but for some reason the software for the extra functions (zoom etc.) doesn't work. I suspect overzealous admin. Otherwise I like the feel, but find myself moving the cursor while scrolling. I'd like to try one with a separate ring to compare.


13 Mar 2011, 23:31

It take some time to get used to, but don't underestimate the power of human adaptation. It is well worth the trouble.


14 Mar 2011, 03:38

Just wondering, what's so good in using a trackball?

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Wild Duck

14 Mar 2011, 03:41

Less hand movement and you're not moving an object around on your desk.

6 more posts :mrgreen:


16 Mar 2011, 14:54

I finally received my expert mouse 2 days ago.
So far, I love it ! It takes time to get used to the new button setting though.
I'm a heavy user of the back button of my mouse and I feel weird not to have it under my thumb :)

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16 Mar 2011, 17:57

I can't give any recommendation, unfortunately. The last time I used a trackball was certainly more than 12 years ago. And back then they sucked like hell (at least for me). I was told that they have been improved quite a lot by now, though.

Anyways, I don't think that I'll switch from mouse to trackball any time soon. Especially since I hate using touchpads too.
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18 Mar 2011, 02:41

Lol - I don't think they've improved a LOT - just dump a new mouse sensor in every so often. Talk about a niche market.

However the design engineer went to MIT and I'd like to get into the pants of the Product Manager. When she says, "The Ball Does It All" I get turned on.


18 Mar 2011, 21:01

Don"t think it really has a future, I know that I would never use a trackball ... Seems tthat they have improved since 2/3 yearrs but not enough to impress me :p


18 Mar 2011, 23:23

Love a good trackball. the Logitech thumb driven ones are my favorites. Very easy to control. Very easy to click without moving the pointer.

Current fave is an M570. Wish it had a tilt wheel but my old Trackman didn't have one so it's not like I miss it.


19 Mar 2011, 00:57

CST trackball review here.

Excuse the American Flag if you think we are Running Dog Imperialists.

Since I believe the forum server is hosted in the US this may drag International Member's browsers to a crawl.

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19 Mar 2011, 19:07


few people have the opportunity to touch these godly balls. good thing i got this one quite cheap as they seem to go quite pricey second hand even.

im jelly of that topre in the pics up. but what can a man do when the topre costs like one months minimum wage here :?


19 Mar 2011, 19:11

hate wrote:few people have the opportunity to touch these godly balls.
That's What She Said.

My Wife that is. Little does she know.


22 Mar 2011, 22:46

I never liked those thumb trackballs. I have a Logitech marble mouse which I really like; but then I've never tried one of the fancy expensive trackballs. I also keep a mouse + pad next to the computer for gaming - could never get used to a trackball for many games.


25 Apr 2011, 03:01

Can you roll your MTO at default WIndows 6/11 setting across your screen, record the number of spins it takes and tell me the native resolution of your monitor? I'm getting about 700dpi on my Logitech M570 and am curious what the MTO gets.

Oh, and how big are the MTO balls?

Count Troller

25 Apr 2011, 13:04

hate wrote:im jelly of that topre in the pics up. but what can a man do when the topre costs like one months minimum wage here :?
Speaking from a similar economy, the answer is easy - avoid.

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