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21 Apr 2015, 09:39

I'd like to start a Wiki page listing known trackpoint (respectively trackpoint controller) types and their pinouts so that it becomes easier for people trying to use salvaged trackpoints in their DIY projects to find and share needed info.

I've not contributed to the Deskthority Wiki yet, so before getting my feet wet I'd like to know whether it's O.K. on Deksthority to follow Wikipedia's motto "Be bold" and simply start a new page for that topic. There already are two related pages (Pointing stick and TrackPoint), the former being entirely non-technical, the latter apparently being specific to old IBM TrackPoints.

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21 Apr 2015, 09:43

Just do it!
Or add your info about them to one of the pages you mentioned if you think it fits.

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21 Apr 2015, 11:28

It's worth noting that I just split Pointing stick and TrackPoint yesterday. The idea is that Pointing stick should be a generic article for the type of pointing device, TrackPoint should be specific to the IBM/Lenovo/Toshiba ones.

I'd say technical things about IBM TrackPoints and Toshiba AccuPoints (at least ones that are based on IBM firmware) go in the TrackPoint article.

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